SDCC Cerise Wolf Signing by Monster Bro on Flickr.

"This is a picture my amazing friend attending SDCC took of the Ever After High team signing the Cerise Wolf doll she picked up for my daughter"

Can we talk about those EAH shirts?! I need one!

Oh I want one too!


At this point I think they just might be out of Royals to make into dolls unless they hurry up and show Isa/Rosabella.

I’m pretty sure Humphrey is a Royal :)

But yeah, if Hopper, Daring, and Duchess all get dolls in the near future, there aren’t any Royals left other than him. Definitely no female ones.




Quite honestly, I couldn’t care less about Hopper’s doll. (Assuming he is getting one. I’m highly skeptical of anything until I get official word from Mattel.) Now if it was Kitty, or even Rosabella or the ice girl, I’d be fine. But Hopper is kinda annoying and has no more reason to have a release…

I just think Hopper is super cute and I’d like more boy dolls since there are only two so far compared to 12 girls. I do agree that Kitty probably deserves a doll more though. She’s had a much more significant role in the webisodes and diaries than Hopper has. Neither of them have much presence in the books yet.

I may have spent most of the day sketching a picture of Lizzie and Kitty playing croquet. I was going to include Maddie too, but she didn’t end up fitting with the layout I had. I’ll have to do another Wonderlander drawing with all three of them at some point!

Now I need to actually set my computer station up so I can scan it, or maybe I’ll just photograph it since my scanner isn’t great, and get it posted. I’m debating how I want to color it.


Ever after high dolls confirms! The next royals to be made into doll form are Duchess, Hopper and Daring!


Wonderful news! Also, I guess this confirms that Duchess is a royal.


So how much is the Cerise Wolf SDCC Exclusive?

I know someone who is out there and I’m considering sending them money to pick her up for me.

She’s $30. I assume she probably has whatever San Diego sales tax is on top of that too.


Wolf Family Bonding Time!!

because everyone’s drawing Cerise Wolf right now 
and because I imagine papa wolf being the “cool dad” (or at least him thinking he is one)



It’s official!

With the excitement from Comic Con this weekend (even though I’m not there :c ) I have scheduled the date for my Etsy sale for post the convention.

The sale will be on Tuesday, July 29th, at 3:00pm Central US time. I will continue to add items before and after this date, but the bulk of the items already previewed on Tumblr will be available for purchase at that time.

My Etsy shop, Lost Cabinet of Wonders, is right here~!

Best wishes!

EDIT— Link working now C;

Super Cute!

Reblogging again for the fixed link :)