well heres the finished illustration of kitty cheshire im really happy with the hair….

As you should be! It looks great :)

Preview, too



2nd teaser of the two projects nearing completion.

They look really lovely with all the details painted and enhanced!


What If raven queen really is evil and is just pretending to be nice and saying that she wants to be her own person because she knows it’s upsetting apple white and the royals.

I don’t think Raven is actually evil, but I do think that it is entirely possible that she is doing exactly what her mother wanted her to do without realizing it.

Okay, so I think I understand why there is so little Sparrow fanart. Man is his outfit annoying to draw! So many details. I need to go through the episodes and find a good shot of his boots. Almost done with the Duchess/Sparrow sketch though!

Do you have any idea how people fix the "heart hair bump" for Lizzie's doll? Do you just pull the bump up or something? I'm in need of help when it comes to restyling my doll's hair ~

I’m not sure since I don’t have the doll yet, myself. You might want to ask Kaylin-de-nile or Picklepud who both have Lizzie and have definitely improved on her box hair!

If you look closely at some of the dolls, you can see a few dots on their lips. What's that about?

It’s just a style choice with the painting. They are supposed to represent reflected light.

Just a theory…


Ok, EAH was a dud at SDCC, and MH was a BOOM. What if EAH has all its reveals at NYCC.

Mattel isn’t going to NYCC this year. I wish your theory could be correct though :(


well its just a wip for now but heres my kitty cheshire



I always love your photos. So glad you are posting them on Tumblr now!